How an ed-tech platform navigated critical hyper-scaling phases by engaging EOR hiring and payment solutions.

Client Name: Geniebook

Industry: E-Learning Providers

Type: Privately Held

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

About the client

Geniebook is an online learning suite of artificial intelligence personalized innovations and tools to help Primary 1 to Secondary 4 students learn smarter and do better by recommending assessment concepts and questions based on students’ strengths and challenges.

The Singapore-based edtech startup has presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. With its massive gains during the pandemic and increase in demands, Geniebook is looking to expand its team by hiring more employees locally and internationally in order to invest and scale its online learning business.


With the company’s presence in different regions and ongoing expansion plans, it needed to ensure strict legal compliance in every region of operation whilst maintaining close control of expenditures. Hiring talents in a country with no local entity and navigating local labor laws, compliant contracts, benefits and other requirements is also one of the challenges.


As home-based learning continues to be an important part of children’s lives, there is a huge potential in digitalizing and personalizing learning.

Business expansion and tapping up a potential market in the neighboring region is an evident opportunity.


A low-risk EoR Solution that doesn’t break the bank. Globelise solutions helped Geniebook expand in Malaysia without delays as quickly as possible. Giving confidence in hiring employees compliantly and managing safe and secure payments for all the employees.


Globelise enabled Geniebook to hire local employees fast and seamlessly with minimal cost and in full compliance. With no downtime in acquiring sales demands whilst setting up a local entity. Overall, the smooth operation resulted in delivery of more digitalize and personalized learning to more children.


“Globelise freed up our HR Teams at Headquarters to focus on more important strategic, value-adding matters. An HR platform that helps us accelerate our growth during critical hyperscaling phases with their payment and hiring solutions.”

– Neo Zhi Zhong, CEO Geniebook

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