Our world-class
global hiring solution

Gives you the freedom to build your global dream team

Hiring employees in another country is a time-consuming and complicated process due to the need to comply with foreign country regulations, as well as navigate global payroll and taxes. With our all-encompassing global hiring solutions, you can expand your global team with an ease of mind.

Complete Globelise infrastructure in every country

What else can Globelise do for your business?


We provide registered entities so you can hire compliantly from anywhere.


Manage global employees where you have local entities.

Global Payroll

Automated payroll to send payments to your global employees in a single click.

Benefits / Insurance

We advise you on the mandatory and recommended benefits and perks for your global employees.


We arrange visas and work permits for your global employees.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

We provide a centralized repository for your global employee data.