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for Global expansion!

Recruit diverse talent, hire from anywhere,
onboard compliantly, and worry no more about global payroll.

We are your trusted EOR Solution partner for your global growth.

Go global, today!

Go borderless in hiring while staying compliant and competitive.

The hurdles of expanding your business globally

Setting up a new local entity
per country is NOT cheap

Setting up a new local entity
takes months or longer

Everchanging local laws and taxes


Managing global teams

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Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the rest

What can we do for you?

Easy and affordable pricing, with no hidden fees


20% of candidates
first annual salary
  • Hiring strategy
  • Prospecting
  • Interviewing
  • Placing

Hire Employees

from $299 per
employee / month
  • Generate compliant contracts
  • Fully digital onboarding process
  • Payroll, tax fillings, expenses, contributions and more, taken care of
  • Localized, competitively priced benefits package available to your team
  • Global payroll in minutes, with just one click

Hire Contractors

from $40 per
employee / month
  • Employ contractors from multiple countries
  • Generate compliant contracts
  • Streamlined collection of documentation
  • Central view and management of payroll and onboarding
  • Global payroll in minutes, with just one click
  • Pay contractors in the currency of their choice

Outsource Payroll

Get a quote
  • Pay employees in the currency of their choice
  • Employee access to e-payslips
  • View payroll reports by countries
  • Remain 100% compliant
  • Multiple payment methods (Bank transfer, Credit Card, Stripe & more)

Global expansion shouldn't be overwhelming.

Hire, onboard and manage your global team like a pro!