Manage contractors anywhere across the globe, while staying compliant.

Give the freedom to work and live anywhere to more people using our contractor management and hiring tools. Like hiring employees, hiring contractors is an equally easy, seamless and enjoyable experience with Globelise’s compliance practices.

Quick and easy contractor hiring

For many businesses, contractor management is an additional chore for HR. Things can get out of hand easily when you are managing contractors from different countries and expertises at once. But with Globelise, contractor management can be simplified into a few clicks.

Airtight compliance

Ensure your contractors hiring is always compliant with local laws. Globelise collects all the tax, permit and compliance documents that you need to ensure your contractors are set up compliantly.

Even faster global payroll

Pay your global contractors in their local currencies, with a single click, at the comfort of your home. Payslips will be automatically distributed to each contractor.

World-class contractor onboarding experience

Treat your contractors the same way you would treat your own employees by giving them access to Globelise’s seamless onboarding experience. Your contractors need only access a single platform to view everything they need, including contracts, expenses, benefits, payslips and more. With our 24/7 team support, your contractors can also speak to an expert to get answers they need.

Manage and pay your global contractors on one platform.
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