Pay your employees across the Globe with a single-click

Say goodbye to disorganized spreadsheets and worker reports. With Globelise’s one-click global payroll, you can finally bypass complicated local payroll laws and the hassles of dealing with multiple currencies.

Cross-border payment in any currency

International payment has never been made easier. You can pay your global team in their local currencies and payslips will be automatically distributed to each employee.

All-in-one place

What is better than issuing global payment and tracking your payroll information in a single click, at the comfort of your home, or while you are rushing for your next meeting? Globelise app makes on-the-go payment possible, no matter where you are.

Only the best for your employees

People are the best asset and Globelise helps you nurture your global team. You can also offer your employees additional perks or bonuses, and even Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) using Globelise all-in-one app.

Let's simplify your payroll, today.