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Like many other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand is embarking on a journey towards digitalization. Hence, digital talent is highly sought after. Nonetheless, beyond digitalization, manufacturing remains a strong sector in Thailand. Growth in demand for full-stack/mobile developers, data scientists and UI/UX engineers can be expected in the coming years. Currently, deregulation and trade liberalisation are also taking place in Thailand, leading to the growth of foreign investments in the country.

How to build a team in Thailand

Employers need to follow the strict employment guidelines set forth by the local authorities before they could employ in Thailand. This process can be time-consuming as the company first needs a legal entity in the country and it needs to manage payroll, tax, benefits and compliance.

Global payroll solutions make it easy to find and hire top talent in Thailand. With one seamless integration and local legal entity, we take care of the compliance matters so that you can start your globelizing plan immediately.

Compliance risk

Risk of misclassification

Thailand, like many other countries, treats self-employed individuals or contractors and full-time employees differently. Misclassification of contractors in Thailand may lead to fines and penalties for the offending company.

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