Brand Assets

Official Globelise Logo, Colors and Banners for use on your site.

Globelise Brand Guidelines

When using the assets you see on this page, we ask that you keep just a few things in mind…

Please do not:

  • Modify our logos, icons, or graphics in any way without our written permission.
  • Use our logos or icons as your own identity, or your own branding purposes (print or web-based).
  • Use our logos or icons in a way that may confuse someone that your product or service is made, run or endorsed by Globelise.


Individual logos can be downloaded as high-resolution .png files.

To download vector art, click "Download Full Logo Pack" to receive the full suite of scalable files.

Primary Logo

Icon logo


The hex codes of the official Globelise brand colors.

Primary Colors

HEX: 2E4823
RGB: 46,72,35

HEX: 6BB745
RGB: 107,183,69

Secondary Colors

RGB: 255,202,38

RGB: 255,87,13

RGB: 255,44,91

RGB: 16,107,255


The official typefaces we use across all of our marketing materials.

Primary Fonts

Secondary Fonts

Clear space

There must always be sufficient space surrounding the logo to maintain its visual impact and avoid competition from other graphic elements.

Icons Graphic Style

Download our modules Icons pack here.

Social Post Template

Facebook Post Lockup and Sample
Linkedin Post Lockup and Sample