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Due to the global pandemic, most companies worldwide have transitioned from onsite to a hybrid or fully remote work model. According to a Forbes report, an estimated 70% of the employees will be working remotely at least 5 days a month by the year 2025. And this remote work setup is here to stay for most organizations because it worked for them during the health crisis.

With so many employees expected to be working outside the office, it raises the question if an organization should limit the hiring of talent to individuals residing in the same city or the same country–and this is where global talent hiring comes in. Hiring global talent not only widens your talent pool but also provides other benefits that will help you achieve your goals as an organization.

What is Global Hiring?

Global hiring is simply the process involved in seeking and recruiting the best talent from across the globe to join your organization. However, it is not as simple as sifting through resumes on LinkedIn. A prospective employer needs to have the knowledge to navigate the international workforce market in order to prevent expensive mistakes. This is where recruitment specialists, professionals, and agencies come in. They do the heavy lifting in the recruitment process, so your organization can focus on business expansion and development. You may delegate to said global hiring professionals the hiring process while reaping additional benefits such as compliance assurance and more simple onboarding with your new hires.

The Benefits of Global Hiring:

Broader Talent Pool

By hiring from around the world, you exponentially increase the quantity and quality of the candidates for your new positions. Your organization will not be limited to talent from the local population. Your recruitment will have access to top talent across the globe. For companies that have already adapted to a remote work setup, the transition will be easier. But this should not be a deterrence to companies that require their staff to be physically present in the office. Global hiring professionals provide expert offer companies assistance in the relocation, recruitment and payroll book processes, as well as benefits management if an international talent gets employed.

Beat Location-based Skill Shortage

If you are having problems filling up roles because of skill shortage in your area, global hiring expands your search horizon in territories that have an abundance of workers that possess the proficiencies your company is looking for. For instance, if you are looking for software developers but your area lacks IT professionals, the search process might start in technology hotspots or countries with plenty of quality schools that produce outstanding programmers. If you need English-speaking virtual assistants, global hiring experts can tap into highly skilled workers from countries with excellent outsourcing industries.

Foster Creativity

Your office might be located in an area with a homogenous population. If you limit your recruitment based on proximity, there is a tendency to hire talent that come from similar backgrounds. This correlativity in the workforce might also limit creativity and innovation. Fostering talent from around the world brings diverse people and perspectives into your team. This will open up opportunities among the team members to conceptualize new and creative solutions that are otherwise impossible.

Cultural Sensitivity and Local Knowledge

If your organization is planning on expanding into a new market, cross-cultural understanding, along with local market knowledge, are essential to navigating the new market. Having international hires that come from a specific market you are tapping into can provide your company with high quality localized insights on market needs and motivations to make your expansion successful. This is especially important when it comes to shaping your messaging to adapt to cultural nuances.

Employee Retention

Aside from having a broader pool of talent, a culturally diverse team is the key to building an environment of respect within the organization and between the employees. Having a strong and diverse staff brings different perspectives when it comes to decision-making; it also means embracing and learning various cultural identities. This culture of respect helps build a more fulfilling and friendly workplace for all of the employees. A fulfilling environment improves your team’s satisfaction which in turn improves employee retention rate. Aside from that, building a diverse team also improves your company’s reputation in the job market where candidates are drawn to companies that are inclusive and understand the importance of diversity.

Multiple Languages

Having multilingual speakers provides additional advantages in an organization as international hires usually speak 1 or more languages on top of English. Occasions may arise where there will be a need to write content in specific languages or meeting with representatives that speak certain languages–these are the times when having an international team with multilingual speakers would prove to be useful, and help break down communication barriers. Hence, having a global and multilingual team helps you improve your relationship with international clients and customers, as well as reach new markets that may be out of your competitors’ reach.

Improved CSR Reputation

A Harvard Business Review report revealed that 70% of consumers want to know what various businesses are doing in their attempts to address environmental and social issues plaguing our society. With economic inequality coming to the forefront in many political discussions, the issue of inequality in our society is increasingly pressed on business.

Many companies are becoming more vocal in supporting and speaking out against social injustice that negatively impacts the environment. Hence, having a global and culturally diverse team will improve your company’s CSR reputation because diversity in the workplace helps in the acceptance of people of all genders, races, cultures, disabilities, and sexual orientations, and consequently, this encourages more cross-cultural appreciations and social awareness campaigns.

The hiring of international employees has been more prevalent recently with companies who have been adapting a remote work model. These international talent are vital to diversification and other accomplishments in the workplace.
Global hiring might not be that easy, but Globelise can provide solutions every step of the way, from recruitment process, recruitment planning, searching and screening, to evaluation and control. With our seasoned professionals from 141+ countries that can assist in your global hiring process, we know exactly which part of the world has the talent that fits the needs of your business.

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